As a servant leader, I'm
committed to the people of Bexar County Precinct 3.

This means seeking first to understand and going after truth
in all matters related to the Commissioners Court.

Called to be a L.I.G.H.T.

I strive everyday to be a LIGHT, and that means walking in loyalty, integrity, generosity, honesty, and trustworthiness. I’ll bring those same values to the Commissioners Court as I work on behalf of the people of Bexar County.

*My values were instilled by my family and cemented during my time in the US Army. As a proud veteran, I truly believe that we are the land of the free because of the brave.

My Platform- at a glance

The County Commissioner of Pct 3 will be tasked with aiding in budgetary decisions, providing oversight of spending, ensuring adequate resources are being provided to local agencies, and promoting city infrastructure and growth. As your County Commissioner, I’ll work to:

Promote Fiscal Responsibility & Stewardship
Provide Better Resources for Law Enforcement & Social Service Agencies
Quickly Repair Roads & Bridges
Enhance the County's Infrastructure for Growth & Investment

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For Us

“I seek to honor the past generations that made Bexar County as great as it is today. To inspire, encourage, and influence today’s generation to boldly push this county forward, but most of all, to build a sustainable county where future generations can thrive and be proud of!”

Kenny Vallespin


I am passionate about making this entire county one of the greatest counties in our state and nation by focusing on what matters the most, and that is the people, businesses, and organizations of this county.

Accountability and oversight of spending is the cornerstone of fiscal responsibility for Bexar County. I will validate policies that promote a cost effective government and provide a balanced budget that provides for our citizens needs.

Our roads and bridges must be quickly repaired, and it is essential that our infrastructure continues to make our city viable for growth and investment. I will expand upon the current infrastructure through proportionate spending.

Our County deserves adequate resources to promote safety, health, and wellness, chief among them being our law enforcement and social service agencies. I will support programs that promote childhood development and the well-being of our next generation, provide social services resources to keep our County/Precinct healthy and vibrant, and ensure our Law Enforcement and Fire Department services have adequate staff and resources.

March 3, 2020 | Primary Election

About Kenny

I am running for Bexar County Commissioner of Precinct 3 to be a voice for the people of Precinct 3 and to help Bexar County as a whole flourish and be vibrant. I seek to honor past generations that have made Bexar County as great as it is today; to inspire, encourage, and influence this generation to be great and push this County forward; but most of all, to build a sustainable County that future generations can benefit from and be proud of!

Born to immigrant parents who migrated to America in pursuit of the American Dream, I am proud to be a product of parents who never gave up on their dreams and instilled in me that same passion. As a grassroots, born and raised San Antonian living in Bexar County, I have a strong desire and conviction to see all of Bexar county grow, excel, and be unified.
I am a US Army veteran, a senior business professional, a husband, a father, a son, and a man of great faith and values. As a veteran, I have served this amazing country, the United States of America, honorably with a sense of duty and loyalty.
I truly believe we are the land of the free because of the brave. As a professional and leader in the workforce, I understand hard work and believe we can achieve our life and professional goals by having a growth mindset through personal grit and tenacity. I believe in family and credit the quote, “Family is where life begins and love never ends,” as a phrase that has deeply impacted me as a husband, father, and son.
As a candidate for Bexar County Commissioner of Precinct 3, I promise to be a man of integrity who takes proper fiscal action with the people of Precinct 3 in mind. I promise to be a man of my word and advocate for accountable budgetary spending that will affect this Precinct for generations to come. I promise to be a hands on County Commissioner who will not shy away from dealing with and questioning difficult issues that affect the people of this Precinct today and in the future.
Kenny Vallespin

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What is Commissioner's Court?

Commissioners Court is the overall managing/governing body of Bexar County. It is comprised of the County Judge and four commissioners. Each commissioner represents a quarter of the population in Bexar County. The County Judge is the presiding officer of Commissioners Court, as well as the spokesperson and ceremonial head of the county government.


Commissioners Court is responsible for budgetary decisions, tax and revenue decisions, and all personnel decisions except for certain positions which are either elected or appointed by the judiciary or other committees. The Court also appoints and monitors the actions of all county department heads other than those offices headed by elected officials. (Source:

Where is Precinct 3?

You can find a map of Precinct 3 HERE.

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